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fabric wreath

Christmas is near; everyone is looking for the way to decorate their houses. If you want to celebrate this Christmas with the hand made things then you should start with the fabric wreath. It is the one best way to welcome Christmas.

The fabric wreath is not something hard to create but a thing that can easily be made. In the market, you may find many different kinds of wreaths but you are getting the details of others will. When you try to make your own wreath, you are integrating every single thing that you like.

Here are the few simple steps that can be used to make a fabric wreath. You can use Brother cs6000i to sew the parts together.


Things that you may need:
• Fabric; you can use single or multiple fabrics. My guide about fabric is here.
• 1/4 yard of 45″ wide fabric
• Pattern print out
• Stuffing
• Thread to sew


Start Making the Wreath

Use the grain line on the pattern and cut 8 sets of the pieces of pattern. Leave the 1/4″ seam allowance. Make the layout in the way you want your wreath to be. Sew four sections by joining right sides. Then make four sections of four pieces each. From the one side, press the seam and place two sections together. Now when both sections combined, sew the outer and inner curves. Join together the two curved edges.
For the one section, set the right side.

Then for the right side out section that is turned, place into other section which is not turned. Line the outer and inner edge carefully to sew the tubes’ ends together. Now press the seam and turn the whole tube right place out. Line up the seams and place the right tube sides together. Leave one side open to stuff and start sewing by seam to seam. It is necessary to press the seam as much as you can.

After all this, you can initiate the tube stuffing. Press the stuffing as much as possible and take it to the far end. Complete this procedure by filling up the whole tube. Close the opening by stitching so the stuffing remains inside.

Start Decorating the Wreath:

This is the main part as people will see what you have done. You can cover the seam by tying the ribbon at each of it. Use the ribbon according to your fabric and see what’s suiting it best. Selecting the right combination will make your wreath very beautiful. Knot the ribbons in the place so they stay there.

If you find it hard to tie them then you can lend a hand to do the job. For the end of the ribbon, make the bows from them and for the tails, trim them to give them elegant look. Now you can add other decorations according to your taste. You can add flowers if you want or you can go for any other thing. You can also use beads and buttons.

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