Safety Tips for A Sewing Machine

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Sewing is safer than the many activities we do in day to day life like playing any sports, driving a car or walking on the road but still there is loads of danger. Sewing machines involve moving parts, needles and electricity and getting careless with these things can produce you harm. Here given are some safety tips that every person using a sewing machine must know.

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Every year, up to 60% sewing machine related injuries occur because of the needles. Keep your fingers far away from the needle. Buy the finger guard along with your sewing machine, this way you can stay away from the danger of the sewing area. Not only beginners but experienced may get injured too.

When you are using a sewing machine, make sure there’s no distraction in the area. It is wise to avoid sewing when you are drunk or tired because there’s an increase chance that you may get hurt in this situation. When you are relaxed, use the machine only then because it will be safer to use it then.

Don’t leave the machine plugged when you are not using it. It is important that sewing machines generate heat and if lightning strikes at the time when it is on, the damage produced to the machine is irreversible. A sewing machine that is unplugged is also safer for the children and pets.

Don’t leave the cord in the open and place it in the back of the machine. Leaving them on the floor can become the reason of any accident. If you have a pet in the house that can chew the cord then make sure to check the cord daily. Replacing the cord is a good option then using an electrical tape.

Take your machine to the service center in a year or two. It will keep your machine in the best condition. Also getting it serviced will tell you if it has any problem and it will be repaired beforehand.
Unplug the machine when you are replacing any part, like lightbulbs.

When the machine is not accepting the cloth because of the thickness then don’t sew. Forcing the machine may break the needle. For these fabrics, use industrial strength sewing machine.

Place your sewing machine at the right place. Don’t place it too low, it will put stress on your back. Don’t place it too high, it will cause you neck trouble. Your feet must lie plainly on the floor.

Dispose the sewing machine needles properly. Mint tin or prescription bottle are the best option. Keep the good needles away from the bad ones and mark the bottle properly.

Always sew in the area that is well lit because dim light will produce more stress to your eyes. Don’t lean very much towards the machine.

If you have a cat in the house then it is important that you keep all the bobbins and thread spools in some place locked. Cats play with them and if they ingest them it may lead to serious complications.

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