Some Simple Tips of Cutting the Fabric

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In the making of any dress, few steps are completed. First, you select the design that you want to sew. Then you buy the fabric and other related things that are present in your selected design. Third you cut the dress according to your measurements and fourth you sew. Then just embellish them with embroidery device and enjoy you creation.
Cutting is the very important step in the sewing of any cloth, and how your dress will end up is entirely dependent on the way you cut the fabric. If you make any mistake in this step, either you need to buy the fabric again or you need to do so many things to correct that mistake.
There are some rules of cutting that must be followed very carefully because once you run the scissor on the fabric, there is no second chance. You only cut the fabric one time and you must do it right.


Rule no.1: Have Enough Space to Cut:

When you are cutting the cloth, make sure you have the area of around 5ft by 2-1/2ft to be completely free. You can cut the fabric on the table of this size or you can use the plain floor. No matter which surface you select, first make sure it is clean and doesn’t have any stains.

Rule no. 2: Use Sharp Scissor

The size of the scissor must be at least 10″. It is important that the tips and edges of the scissor are sharp. It should also be stain free and clean.

Rule no.3: Measure Correctly

Take the right measurements and draw them correctly on the fabric. When you are doing this, arrange the fabric straight on the surface. Never mark less fabric than actually measured.

Rule no.4: Iron Before Cutting

Remove all the wrinkles from the fabric before cutting. For this purpose, iron the fabric at the right temperature.

Rule no. 5: Practice on the Paper

If you are cutting the fabric for the first time or trying any new kind of cutting then first practice on the paper first. If you cut the fabric wrong, it will get wasted but throwing the paper away will not cost you. When cutting paper, always use paper cutting scissor.

Rule no .6: Use Tailor Chalk

Mark the fabric with the help of the tailor chalk. Select the colors like red, white and blue because they will be visible on the diverse colors of fabrics. Never use ballpoints or any other kind of markers. Tailor chalk stains get removed easily with water. Use tri-square when you are marking straight lines and go for the curve scales for all other kinds of markings.

Rule no. 7: Cut from where you Mark

Start the cutting from where you have marked the fabric. When cutting, don’t move your whole body but only move your right hand having scissor. For the cutting of the edges, only run the tip on these areas. When you are done with the cutting, remove the fabric that you will not use and keep it away so you will never mix the clothing.

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