Tips to Initiate your Redwork Project

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Embroidery is famous for decorating your fabric. You can sew with your machine or can sew by hands. One famous embroidery work is “Redwork”.

Redwork is a work in which red thread is used to decorate any white or naturally colored fabric. It is considered among the one best kind of embroidery as the dark thread on the light colored fabric looks great.

When you search the internet and look for the ways to do the redwork, you will find diverse ways of doing it. Great amount of information is available in the print form and on the internet that shows how to do it and every way can be a bit different. How to do this art is mainly the thing of the personal preference.

In some styles, you may find that the designer preferrerd to add a stabilizer at the opposite side of the fabric. This way makes the stitching quite easy and gives good support to the cloth. But in some cases, using stabilizer can make the fabric heavy like in wallhanging and quilt. Using stabilizer in these cases make your assembly less prominent. So in the projects like quilts, leaving the stabilizer is a far much better option. In these cases, using an embroidery hoop can be a good option as it keeps your fabric tight. It will help you to make a neat stitch.

When you are making a doily or runner then using stabilizer can be fine. But one good tip is to skip this extra step that also costs you money. You can get a more stable fabric when making them. When you are starting it then going for the linens or cottons can turn out to be a better bargain. You can get great numbers of colors also in this fabric.

Mostly, in the Redwork, embroiders use cotton embroidery floss but it is not necessary that you must also use it. You can make your own selection and can select from other embroidery threads like linen, bamboo, cotton and silk threads.

The red color in the threads tends to bleed when washed. So when you are selecting this color, it is important that you check the color first on the room temperature by washing it. If you have made the design without checking the thread first and it has bled after washing then rinse or wash it again, the color will go.

When you start marking your fabric, you can try any transfer method to mark the design on the fabric you want to continue designing. But before starting, you should wash the fabric first because cloth shrinks when washed for the first time. Iron the cloth afterward to remove any wrinkle. This is one way to get the perfect markings on your fabric. These markings will not rub off with these.

Use only a sharp needle so it can easily pierced in to the fabric. These are few simple tips that can improve the initiation of your Redwork embroidery.

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