Which fabric to use For Embroidery?

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Embroidery Fabric:


The fabric which is used for embroidery is easily available and presented in different colors and qualities. They have different thread counts. Material mostly available is linen, cotton and blends.

The selection of the fabric is truly dependant on two things:

• Which is your design or what you want to make?

• What is your embroidery technique?

Here given are the most commonly used fabrics in the embroidery; you will easily find these fabrics in the market near you.

1. Evenweave Fabrics:

These fabrics can be considered as the best fabric for surface embroidery. On the other hand, loosely woven fabrics are perfect for pulled thread technique, counted thread and drawn thread methods. The material used to create even-weave fabrics can be linen, cotton, rayon, and any polyester blends. This fabric is available in diverse range of colors. The thread counts also have the huge range. You can select from 32-count fine linen to 18-count rustic

2. Aida Cloth

Cross stitchers usually like this fabric because of its easy-to-count square pattern. Aida cloth can also be used for Assissi embroidery, counted thread or surface embroidery techniques. The quality of this cloth is that it is woven with grouped fibers that make it easy to follow the squares.

In the cross stitch, one stitch is set for one square. There are many solid colored Aida available in the market. You can also get patterned, printed or textured varieties for it. The fiber used for the creation can be cotton, rayon and linen. The sizes available start from 11-count to 22-count.

Herta cloth is a special kind of Aida. It is the fabric that has large scale count of 6 squares per inch. This fabric is considered ideal for beginners because this fabric is easy to count.

3. Hardanger Fabric

It is the 100% cotton 22-count evenweave fabric. Hardanger fabric is woven with double thread and originated in Norway. The single double-thread group is considered as one. The techniques in which this fabric can be utilized are blackwork, counted thread, cutwork and hardanger embroidery.

When this fabric is used in cross stitch then 2 thread groups have been used and 11 squares per inch count is considered. There are very limited colors for it. Oslo fabric is the same as hardanger fabric.

4. Toweling

For the retro and contemporary projects, a great big range of ready-made and by-the-yard toweling is present in the market. They also have many varieties.

5. Ready-Made Items

There are many ready-made items available in the market which are considered ideal for the surface embroidery methods. You can decorate your bed sheets, blankets and pillowcases with the embroidery or can convert table napkins, runners etc into the way you like.

You can also make a motif on your apron or plain shirt. Or you can add your unique touch to the lamp shades. You get diverse readymade items and what you can do with them is surely up to you. Most of these items are made by pe770 embroidery machine. You can easily use embroidery machines to make the embroidery and save money.


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